Tenantagrrement 3

Consultation on changes to your Tenancy Agreement

The Council proposes to make amendments to both its Secure and Introductory Tenancy Agreements by serving its tenants with a Notice of Variation. 

We have just written to all of our tenants with a Preliminary Notice letter under section 103(2) of the Housing Act 1985, setting out the proposed variations to your tenancy agreement, giving you an opportunity to comment on them.

There are a number of reasons for making the changes:

  • To reflect current policy and practices
  • To clarify who can succeed to a tenancy
  • To provide for installing energy saving equipment (e.g. solar panels)
  • To make sure that the agreement is simple and easy for you to understand


 The consultation

 Summary of proposed changes

 Full draft of new Tenancy Agreement

 How to respond

 Please respond to this consultation by completing a brief survey:

 All comments must be received by Wednesday 6th December 2017.

This survey is now closed

What happens next?

Comments received by this date will be considered and taken into account before making the final decision to vary the Tenancy Agreement.

You will then receive a Notice of Variation, and the revised Tenancy Agreement will become your new Tenancy Agreement.  You, will NOT need to sign a new agreement.

It is proposed that the new Tenancy Agreement will take effect from Monday 2nd April 2018 

Thank you

Rachel Burton

Head of Housing and Neighbourhoods